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For Entrepreneurs, Speakers and Coaches


Is A LIVE 3-Day Transformational Training Experience For People Who Want to Leverage Their Story To Make More Money and Grow Their Business

Here’s Exactly What You’re Going to Learn:


Together, we’re going to craft your Signature Story, helping you gain greater clarity on exactly what it is you have to offer and why people should pay attention and work with you.

Having this kind of clarity gives you a direct, easy-to-follow roadmap on precisely what your ideal client is looking for and how your story specifically ignites the spark that gets them to connect with you on a deeper level.

Done right, your Signature Story has the ability to truly captivate your audience, turning them into raving fans and loyal customers – people who are delighted to tell others about you, bringing in high-quality leads almost effortlessly. (Value $2,497)

We’ll also teach you an easy way to customize your message so that it doesn’t matter who your audience is – your story will resonate with them. This is not something they teach in ANY business or marketing class! (Value $2,997)

total Value: $5,494


We’ll also teach you the Ultimate Story Structure so that you never again have to think about how you should tell or position your message (Value $2,497)

We’ll also go into detail on how to map out your story timeline so that your message is easy to follow and keeps your audience hooked from beginning to end (Value $2,997)

You'll also learn how to use your Signature Story right away to forge amazing connections alongside amazing speakers, coaches, and influences so that you can grow together and potentially collaborate in the future! (Value $2,497)

total Value: $7,991


Did you know that 80% of successfully telling your story hinges on your delivery?

What you say is important, but how you say it is crucial to making those connections stick and resonate with your audience while spurring them to action.

We’ll show you how to leverage feelings and emotions and weave them effortlessly into your message so that people are not only moved by what you have to say, but they want to be a part of it. (Value $1,997)

As you practice, you’ll also get live group feedback in a safe, friendly, nurturing and non-judgment environment, boosting your confidence and stepping up your game as an in-demand speaker. (Value $2,997)

total Value: $4,994

Exclusive BONUSES For Taking Action TODAY:

Earn the highly coveted and respected Master Storyteller Designation

Earn the highly coveted #1 Master Storyteller (Official Designation) for speakers, coaches, and influencers.

(Value Priceless)

bonus speak ez presentation program

Get instant access to the Speak EZ course, designed to help you deliver powerful presentations that connect and convert your audience into paying customers. 

(Value $497)

Bonus One-On-One Clarity Session

Get a private, one-on-one clarity call with a Master Storyteller Coach. This is a highly customized and personalized, results-driven session that will zero in on how to accurately and precisely position your story for the greatest impact.  

(Value $1997)


This unique formula, not taught in any other course or conference, will show you the five types of stories that INSTANTLY grow your influence, attract more qualified leads and increase your sales!

(Value $497)

A Total Value Of Over $21,470

Special Tuition

TODAY ONLY $2497 (SAVE $1,000)

or $997 today followed by 2 biweekly payments of $997

March 9-11th, 2023

August 22nd - 24th

December 5th-7th

A Total Value Of Over $20,973

This program has the ability to profoundly change your life. We want you to succeed so we want to remove any risk for you making the decision to join us. Here’s our NO RISK GUARANTEE: Attend all 3-days of the Master Storyteller Academy from beginning to end and if you don’t think we delivered on our promises, simply return your materials and you’ll get your money back. Otherwise, deposits and payments are non-refundable.

Listen to world renowned motivational speaker,
Les Brown, share why you should attend the
Master Storyteller Academy

Still Have Questions? Here Are Some Answers
Frequently Asked Questions

When is the training being held?

The training takes place August 22nd-24th, 2024, but if you are unable to attend we are also holding a session December 5th-7th, 2024.

Where is the training being held?

The Master Storyteller Academy is a LIVE 3-day Virtual Intensive. No flights or expensive hotel rooms required. You will be joining us from the comfort of your home or office. You can still count on the training being highly engaging and interactive over all 3 days.

What are the times for the training?

The training takes place from Thursday to Saturday. On Thursday the training is from 10am to 7pm EST and on Friday and Saturday we are in session from 9am to 6pm EST. However, the time flies by because of the great energy, interaction, and transformation throughout the training.

What if I don't have a product or a service yet, is this training for me?

Absolutely, the Master Storyteller Academy is going to help you craft a powerful and magnetic message so that when you do launch your product and services, you can hit the ground running knowing exactly what to say. Our training process is also going to help you get clarity for your ideal client and future offers.

What if I am not a speaker or a coach, can I still benefit from this training?

Absolutely, this training is for entrepreneurs, speakers, coaches, network marketers, ministry leaders, non-profit CEOs, and anyone that wants to leverage their personal story to grow their influence and business.

What if after I purchase my ticket I am unable to attend the training?  

If you find yourself unable to attend the training after buying your ticket, don't worry! You can reschedule and transfer your registration to the next training date as a one-time courtesy. However, any further changes or cancellations will result in the forfeiture of your tuition fee.


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My speaking invites increased by 20%!

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I spoke at a TED event!

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From 0 to 10 clients in less than 2

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Whatever it takes…do it!

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I am now a regular keynote speaker.

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I gained 10 customers in only 10 days!

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I can now present my story with confidence!


This is my secret sauce.

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Increased my results by 30% in 1 year!

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I became president of the National
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I exponentially expanded my
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